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I keep a garden journal. I keep frost dates, and general weather happenings from my area, in it. I keep track of what is planted where, so I can rotate crops. I also try to keep up with when certian birds migrate back here in spring, and when the wild blooms apear. Noting what happens in nature helps me know when to plant.I also note if something does better in one spot, or if a new technique helped, hindered, or made no difference.

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After reading this thread, I am going to try to keep a journal online using one of those free services. That way I can include photos, charts, graphs, or other information as needed. Since this will be the third growing season in our house, I have not done too much in our gardens yet.

I think I will keep track of the following:
‣ Pant Into, (What it is, where I got it, where it was planted, conditions of the plant at that time...)
‣ Environmental Conditions: (Frost dates, light patterns, soil conditions, rain patterns...)
‣ Surprise plants found in garden (I moved into a very old house a few years back that once had an amazing per annual garden then was foreclosed and vacant for several year... we often find awesome surprises from time to time)
‣ Ideas for next year

Is there anything else that I should include that I might be forgetting about?

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