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change in perspective

Was thinking about this while I was out weeding today. All along one side of the house I plant nicotiana every year. (It is actually the north side, but since it faces a bit west of north there is some sun and nicotiana is very adaptable!). I like it there because it is under the windows of the screen porch and dining room so the fragrance comes in. (See what no central air gets you; if we had the windows closed to use the A/C, we would never know there were all those fragrant flowers under the windows.)

ANYWAY... there is no edging separating the flowers from the little strip of lawn there, so the grass tends to grow in and wild violets and ground ivy. Since I can't mow that strip with the flowers, the grass gets tall. In the past I would have worked and worked digging every bit of grass and weed out and then laying down a bunch of mulch, in the service of the ideal of neatness and a manicured look.

This year, since I decided I want green mulch for my veggie beds, I looked at all that tall grass and weeds and went "green mulch!" I ripped it out by hand, being careful to leave some, so that it could grow back and grow more mulch for me! :)

Didn't mulch it (because I want it to grow back) and left some here and there so it's not manicured looking this time, but still looks fine... there's flowers and there's green, what more do you need! :)

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:lol: ... and the light dawns! :idea:) You'll be sowing seeds of particular dynamic accumulators/green mulch you want to grow there next! 8)

Invest in a hand sickle -- it makes the job easier. (I have the Japanese kind) :wink:

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