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Decking advice!

Hi...I had some decking put in my garden a few years ago. At first I used johnsons water sealant on it but that left a slightly sticky residue. Last year I fell for the tv ad for the deck stain that comes with an applicator on a stick that's very expensive, can't recall if it was cuprinol? Anyway it promises allsorts but is totally useless! In a year it has worn off in patches and looks a right mess :( The applicator sponge was cheap and useless too! Anyway I've blasted most of it off with the jet washer and want to restain it. What is the best thing to use? I want to just tint it slightly rather than it look like I've painted it (which it did with the other stuff) I'm happy to do it with a big paintbrush on my knees if the result is good!

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