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slug problems tip

last year I had my first garden of annuals and on a reglar basis they would get attacked by slugs(despite all my efforts,slug pub and so on)
so this year I went to get some pellet slug killer.and the clerk at home depot told me slugs wont go over copper it gives them a shock
so being a bonsai enthusiast I had some copper wire around I made a circle around the base of all my plants and it has worked awsome not a single slug has damaged any of my plants definetly worth a an added bon ussually the slugs hang around near the plant even if they cant get on it. so when I find them I take the little suckers out.

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That's an awesome tip thanks a lot.

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:D Great tip!! Sand Paper works too but the copper is probably prettier

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Another natural and safe preventative measure is to encircle your prized plantings with mounds of bran or crushed oats, which are moisture absorbent. Slugs and snails very rarely make it past this barrier as it absorbs their secreted slime that they use to travel.

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Slug Fest

Thanks so much for the tip on slugs. I was seduced by the vitality and color of Gerbera Daisies this year and planted four pots of them at my front door. Didn''t think that others would find them as attractive as I. The slugs have been having a festival ever since. :( I am going to try the copper wire trick today. Thanks.
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