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HELP I AM BEING INVADED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-wall- please help !!!!!!!!!!!! i moved in to my house last year and decided to plant some plants and it looked lovely but out of no where my boarder has been invaded by WEEDS i ave never seen them before they are like cress but with 5p sized yellow flowers , they have grown all through my heather and i cant get the stuff out , its like a giant green carpet , what can i do to stop it coming back , i have been out all day tyring to get it out and i have got 4 carrier bags full of the stuff but the garden looks no better. i put slate down last year and when i try to get the weeds i am grabbing the slate as well and it cost me loads for that slate please help my garden looks a mess, there are also a few in the lawn

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If they look like cress, it's possible they're annuals, and by simply removing every flower, you'll prevent them from re-seeding.

It'll be easier to pull them up by the roots after good soaking rain or after watering.

Can you take photos? It would help to know what they are.

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If you can work on clearing one spot at a time, then put down a bunch of mulch in that spot to help keep them from coming back. Otherwise your task could be endless, like painting the Golden Gate bridge (the story goes they are constantly painting it, start at one end and work their way to the other and by the time they get done, it's time to start at the beginning again).
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Pull the desirable plants and pot them in temporary pots. Then buy black plastic and cover the area until all of the plants are dead. After you uncover the area in several weeks, hold off on replanting your desired plants, until you know that the problem plant has been eliminated.

Someone mentioned that the plants may be annuals. If that is the case, then you could leave your perennials in place and simply use a pre-emergent herbicide such as treflan prior to the next growing season. Pre-emegent herbicides will kill any seeds in the soil but won't bother any existing plants.
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