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Water Garden

I have an old cast iron tub on legs that I want to use for a water feature. I don't have any experience with water gardening. I want to put a small pump in and a water lily, a few plants (no fish). What do I need to keep it healthy?

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A water pump is a good idea as this will aerate the water. Though, I am a little suspicious as to whether or not the Iron will oxidize with the water to form Iron hydrates, you might want to research that a little. I can ask at the chemistry department if I have time, though I am really busy right now with other endeavours.

Try googling Iron AND Iron Hydrates on the internet to see if that brings anything up.

If you do find that this is a potential problem, you may look into sealing the pot with epoxy or some other sealant (sp?).

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When you buy your water lily, make sure it's a 'pygmy' type. Otherwise it will swamp the pond.

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