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Please help me save my pachira!


I have had my pachira for about 1 year and it was fine until recently. I am pretty bad at keeping plants alive to be honest but will not give up this time. My boyfriend says I have the death touch :oops:

I probably do not water it as much as it needs to be watered (it says water moderately and feed weekly?), as I water it a couple of times a month and probably feed it as much too. I don't think this is the problem though as I have been doing that the whole time but only recently it has had problems.

So the problem is that the ends of the leaves are going brown, and random parts of the leaves are going yellow causing them to eventually fall off... But other leaves are still completely fine, and new shoots are developing!

I have read somewhere that this may be a disease called chlorosis as the veins are staying green (I think haha). Do you think this is the case? If so, what should I do?

I have also read that it was to do with not enough I put it somewhere where it will get more sunlight but not too intense. But the problem has continued so I cannot see this to be the problem. Another thing is apparently it needs more humidity, so I started putting it in the bathroom, but this didn't seem to help much.

The only other thing that I read it could be was that it may need repotting?

Basically, I am very confused because it just seems that everything is going wrong with it...what should I do so that I am not a woman with a death touch anymore.


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Welcome to The Helpful Gardener forum! :)

It's very difficult to diagnose what might be wrong with a plant without being able to see the plant. Would it be possible for you to post some clear close-up shots of the leaves and stems?

If you have not posted pictures on forums before, you can find instructions here:

[url=]Helpful Gardener's Tips & Suggestions for New Members[/url].

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The pot should be proportional to the diameter of the plant itself. Typically roots will grow beyond the leafy part of the plant. If the pot has drainage holes and you can see roots growing out of them then it may be root bound and you will have to prune the roots and repot. You did not mention what kind of temperatures you are dealing with. Since it is a tropical plant it may not flourish in an area that gets too cold or hot. It seems to have been an unusually cold winter everywhere. Even indoor temperatures can drop pretty low in the evening. Maybe you can take a leaf or the whole plant to a good garden center for an opinion?

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