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re growing plants in troughing

I have a few old plastic troughs/gutters from my roof.I thought about cutting these into,say,10 foot lengths boring dtaimage holes,gastening them to the railings on the south facing wall of my gaden.The maximum depth is 3 inches & they are 8 inches wide.Any suggestions for seeds and/or nursery plants etc to grow in them ?

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what plants to grow in recycled guttering?

What a great way to reduce reuse recycle! It would help for making suggestions if we knew what part of the world you are gardening in, what zone/ climate, etc. Will your south facing railing be in full sun? Are you thinking about perennials or are you willing to replant every spring?

3 inches deep isn't a lot of soil. It would be best for low growing annuals like petunias, sweet alyssum, lobelia, etc. But tell us a little bit more and I'm sure people will come up with some good suggestions....

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