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Hi there,

we have just had a retaining wall built in the garden. We are situated on a hill so catch the wind all the time. Our plan is to plant a tree in the garden to act as a wind break and screen.

the ideal position for the tree is beside the retaining wall which raises the concerns regarding the roots being too close to the wall and possible issues with this.

any suggestions for suitable type of tree and method of planting to minimise root/wall issues would be greatly appreciated.

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Don't have specifics to advise, but your post reminded me of [url=]this thread[/url]. This is not a criticism towards you -- just my mind catching a wandering thought. :roll: I guess what I'm trying to say is that, done right, trees and other plantings will help your situation. I'm sure there are list of trees that are suitable for your purpose and best ways to plant them, and more practical replies are sure to follow. :wink:

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To be safe, I would keep the tree back about 10' (or more). Also consider using a root barrier about 3' off the retaining wall to deflect the roots. For a wind break you'll probably want evergreens; Pine/Spruce/Fir depending on what is hardy to your zone. Broad-leaf evergreens tend to suffer in windy locations. Consider trees that don't get too large- you don't need more than 20' tall or so for a wind break.

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