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Farmers Market-First week

So my city had thier new market this thursday.witch is also supported by the university of florida extention (or) agriculture service.The hours were from 4-8 and the newspaper said there were over 400 visitors by 6 pm. and most vendors sold out.I am very happy that there was such a great turnout.and they will be there every thurs.Bout time we got something in this area.Maybe if i have a good summer i can make a few extra bucks :) cause we all know we grow more than we just happy about our new market :D
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Farmers markets can be a social event, not just for shopping. A little entertainment, people bring their kids. Buy some food at the market and have a picnic. We have one near my house, I love going to them wherever I happen to be.

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I love Farmers Markets!! So fun! And great produce.

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I like Farmer's markets, I got my Egyptian Onion sets from one.
I like to look for the unusal items that I can save seeds from, as well as, the tasty items, that I don't grow... like onions. I do notice that local farmers markets don't grow onion bulbs for sale either. Lots of green onions, and the one time the lady had Egyptian Onion bulbs.
I do sometimes wonder if the vendors are mostly fruit stand vendors, because so much of the produce, looks so much like what you see at the fruit stands. I suppose that I expect homegrown to look different.

I know, my homegrown never looks like a plastic model of produce, nor does my neighbors produce, but very often the farmer's market produce is so perfect, that it looks fake! How do they do that? My cucumbers curve, or have a slim end etc. My tomatoes are normally just barely out of round etc... How do they get perfection?
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