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Garden tools

Can someone please tell me of GOOD,STRONG garden tools? I bought Brookstone tools 5 yrs. ago and trowel just broke (bent, then broke) and dandilion digger broke a tong. These are NOT cheap tools and I'm discusted!!!! These are stainless steel BUT made in China!!!!

Please, ANY sugestion will be greatly appreciated.

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You're looking for a particular brande? I can't really help you there but, I will say that when you are shopping for the tools. to test them out first. I mean, if they look sturdy, they should be. but, try bending it a little. (Don't try to break it, just see how sturdy it is.)

Also, get something made from wood and metal. Plastic is very weak and prone to breaking.

Good Luck!
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I really like my EZ digger that is of Asian design. Hand forged blade is very strong and durable. One of my most versatile tools. Comes in both long handle and short handle version.
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Please see the current thread "Where to get good garden tools?" at

Many links and suggestions over there.

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