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What kind of flower is this?

I have had it since it was way smaller, A neighbor gave it to my and it has been inside for about two weeks from outside and is doing fine so far.

Here are the pics.



Sorry for the poor quality. It is from my webcam. I am going to try find an old digital camera. I have seen very good ones that are just out dated and older models but work just fine and take pics just fine.

Anywhoo. What is it? I'm sick of having it and not knowing what it is.. teheh. :roll: [/img]

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you're right not a great picture, but looks like impatiens.

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You are probably right.
I just googled imaptiens and there was some pics that almsot exactly resembled my flower.

Do you think if I transplanted it in a bigger pot it would grow bigger right?
I did that with another plant under some flourescents and it died after a week or so.

I also have a basil plant and I took a couple of clippings off it with just a couple leaves and put then in a cup of water and nothing is happening but one out of the three in the water is started to shrivvle up.
I also put a clipping from the very top of the plant with just a couple little leaves and put it in a small pot with moist soil in it. It too is starting to shrivlle up.

Any suggestions?

Peace, Frankie

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There were some discussions about rooting cuttings in this thread:
Hope that helps! :wink:

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