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Bromeliad 'Aechmea pectinata': How often does it turn pink?


Does anyone have experience with Aechmea pectinata? I hear that the pink colour only develops when it's flowering...but how often is that, typically? And how long does the pink remain?

I'm wondering what % of the year I will have a colourful plant, versus a regular green one!

Thanks :)

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Since you hadn't gotten a response, and I'm not familiar with them, I did a little searching for you. Here's what I found:

"From October to January, during the flowering period, the distal third of its leaves becomes red. The inflorescence produces 1–15 flowers per day over a period of 20–25 d. The flowers are inconspicuous, greenish-white coloured, tubular shaped with a narrow opening, and the stigma is situated just above the anthers"

This is referring to plants in the wild, so I can't guarantee your house plants will be the same.

The inconspicuous flowers are pollinated only by hummingbirds, but since you aren't growing them for flower or seed, that probably doesn't matter.

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I have heard that the growing point on a bromeliad dies after flowering. However, they do get offsets shortly before, and they will eventually flower as well. It usually takes 1-4 years for an offset to become old enough to flower.

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