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LED grow lights

some of my houseplants seem to have stunted growth due to low light levels because of having obstructions in front of most of the windows in my house. LED grow lights seem to be the best alternative. However when ever I try to research them online its always from websites that sell them, so I'm not sure if its all true information. The ones I wanted to get are somewhat cheap which is why I'm worried about wasting money. Are they any good?


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You can just use standard florescent shop-light fixtures, too, for plants. I think I would get the full-spectrum kind, or at least the kind that produce light in both the red and blue ranges. They're inexpensive, don't produce a lot of heat, and last a long time.

I found plans online for how to use PVC pipe to build a stand for a couple of 4'shop-light fixtures. The design allows for the fixtures to be easily raised and lowered, depending on the intensity of light needed by the plants you're growing. :)

But maybe LED lights are better. I really don't know about them. If you type LED grow lights into the search box at the upper left of the page, you will find that several of our members have used them. Perhaps those discussions hold some of the answers you're seeking? :)

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I researched LED grow light earlier this year. There wasn't much information on them at that time but what I found out is that cheap ones may work for just plain old house plants but don't expect any type of real growth or flowers. The good and bad depending on how you look at it is that you can get or will be able to get LED with the specific light spectrum for types of plants but didn't see much on a general one that would do good for most plants. And right now these are all supper expensive.

But they have so far proven to be much better then the other types of lights but far less cost effective at this time. One big down fall they have found is that LEDs don't really burn out but they do loose their "brightness" and when they do they aren't nearly as effective as they should be and it's hard to tell when this happens.

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When I looked at LED lights earlier this year, most of the more effective-seeming ones appeared to be sold on Chinese/Asian marketing websites that seemed a bit cheesy to me.... :?

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I purchased some led plant lights on ebay early this year save your money. I had high hopes for them the plants remained very healthy but showed no signs of growth. the set I got was supposed to be equivilent to a 1000 watt halide but use 1 tenth the electricity. they don't use much electricity but in this case you get waht you pay for. I think they may be the light of the future but at this point save your money. oh these were a combination of red and blue leds supposedly to promote growth and flowering. they didnt do either.

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