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Hi Everyone


I'm also new here (obviously huh?). My name is Lisa and I figured I'd introduce myself. I just moved to New Jersey from Washington state last August thanks to the military. We owned a house back home but it was a fixer upper and by the time we had the house fixed up and we were ready to begin on the yard we got orders to move. :cry:

We also used to do a lot of dog rescue work back home and we now have 6 dogs of our own. Since we're only going to be here 2 1/2 more years and we don't want our backyard destroyed by the dogs, we have a dog pen outside the backdoor for them. That way I can still play in the yard and we can take them out to play ball and stuff for exercise but our yard won't wind up trashed for when we sell the house.

So now here we are in NJ with a house that has been completely redone. But the yard has had nothing done with it. I'm glad there's no work to be done on the house, I really missed doing things in the yard. Our previous place I was always in the yard but couldn't do anything permanent or anything.

I have a lot of plans for this place. We just recently did our spring clean up, raked up all the leaves that have fallen over the winter and stuff like that. We're now digging a pond underneath oak trees. I know being under the trees can make it messy but we're going to make a "tent" like structure to go over it with wire or netting to keep leaves out come this fall. Also going to be doing a shade garden along the side of the house. Putting in new flowers in the flower beds along the front of the house. And some sort of vine on the dog pen. And we're making cobblestone pavers right now for a patio. Thats about it for this year probably.

Next year we want to put in a picket fence with flower bedes lining the driveway and things like that.

I'll probably be asking A LOT of questions and if anyone gets annoyed with me please don't hesitate to tell me so. I try to search as much as I can but sometimes I tend to overlook stuff.

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Welcome aboard!

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Welcome Fairydust! That's so hard when you have to pack up and leave a home when you don't feel finished there yet. :(
Don't worry about asking too many questions, that's what we're here for. Feel free to stop in anytime! :wink:

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My dad is retired army, so I have never lived anywhere for more than 4yrs at a time. Even after he retired. So moving isn't a big deal for me, but I know once we buy our last home, I will appreciate the stability thats for sure! :lol:

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Mmmm, stability is a good thing. It's nice to put down roots (figuratively and literally) somewhere. Get some long term produciing trees and shrubs in the yard, nothing better.

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I have moved my last garden. Enjoy what one place can do for your soul...


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