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Yep thats why I'm hesitant on it, I don't want to wind up neighbors yards or invade anywhere. it never grew back back home and it does get colder here in the winter, I really don't know if it makes a difference or not though, I'm only 1 zone down from back home.

Oh man you should see the ivy here too! Everywhere I move I fight ivy it seems like. it took two years to somewhat get it under control at our previous house. Now I see it spreading in the shady area of the far part of our yard. Yay! :roll:

Morning Glories are so beautiful though, I really like them but I think it might be for the best that I accidently killed mine lol.

I can't wait to see how the honeysuckle does over the next few years.

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Hi Fairy Dust,

Yes, I totally agree with you, it is so tempting to buy all the morning glory seeds that I see at the nurseries but, I must issue some restraint.

And I love honeysuckle, when I was young, my mother had honeysuckle growing along this one section of fence. It was always so lovely and smelled so nice. My (little did I know to be stepmother) had it growing around her property and I'm sure that it probably still looks wonderful even though, she doesn't live on the same property.

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I know some of these plants suggested are poisonous for dogs.
My only suggestion is to research what plants are good to plant for dogs.

Good Luck and Happy Gardening!!

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