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Hybiscus plant that won't flower

We have had hybiscus plants for several years and they have flowered from when we bought them until a severe frost. We don't have any place to keep them in the winter time so they have died. We buy new ones each year. This year the one we bought was flowering and flowered for another month. Now it doesn't bloom. Has anyone else had this problem and what can we do to get it to bloom again? We have lots of other flowering plants around the patio and our hybiscus looks so sad with no flowers! :(

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I would try to redouble efforts to maintain the soil moist with the use of mulch and, if the fertilizer is high in nitrogen then I would also switch to one with less N and more PK in the NPK Ratio. The fertilizer pellets that nurseries some times + your fertiilizer may have resulted in too much nitrogen. They like sunlight so move them to a better location if they are getting lots of shade now.

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