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New Job: Garden Center worker!

Hi all!

I'm very excited, as this weekend I start a new job working at the local garden center (honestly, Earl May is hardly local...but better than most).

I don't really need a second job, but I was looking for something to do on the weekends and wanted it to be something that held my interest...so I applied at Earl May and they said they'd take me. I will be the oldest guy there...but hey, I'll still have fun.

HG, I would like your permission to refer people to this website and forum to submit their ideas/questions/input, if you don't mind. This site has taught me a lot about gardening and organics, and I would like others to learn as I have.

Thanks again all, for all of the information and insight!

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Shoot, yes, have at it Paul; that's what we're about...

Earl May you say... that's a BIG outfit (met all the high muckety mucks a decade back at the Management Clinic in Louisville; who knows if any are still there but I was impressed by the scope of their operation. How many stores in the chain now?


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Hey that's great!

Actually, it;s also kind of funny... because the same thing happened to me the other day and I am still mulling it over...

That same local nursery that was advocating Roundup offered me a part-time job. :lol: I explained my back troubles and they said "you can water plants and prune bushes - we'll even put them up on the tables for you so you don't have to bend over at all." And a 25% discount on all plants... talk about tempting...

These folks are so nice - they know my hubby wants to start a tree farm. So they came to us tonight (we ran into them at dinner tonight!) and said they had a thought - they have 21 acres and aren't using it all... they already have the pots and can order whatever we need, and DH could rent a couple of acres from them and at least try his hand at the tree farming.

I think it sounds great. :)

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Most excellent for all concerned!

I too am being courted by a landscape company for a job; must be the weather...


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Wow, congratulations to you both!

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