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A Strange Wisteria

I have a japanese wisteria I bought from my local department store when I used to work there. It was a skimpy vine. I realized after that they take years to bloom. I was ok with that. Over the few years or so I have been training it into a tree and is around 5 ft tall now (staked) and looks great. Last year it was the first year it gave me around 3 blooms in the spring, and then one mid summer I believe. Then the japanese beetles came out and started having at it in which I had to spray. I was excited of its first bloom and hoping to have blooms this year, even more so. Well, spring came around and no blooms!! Now this is a plant that blooms in the spring around May or so. I was a bit disappointed, but guess what, near the end of June my wisteria started getting flower buds - bunches of them!! So here it is July, and my wisteria is starting to flower! I had to spray for the beetles again because they would eat my plant AND flowers. Has anyone else had a wisteria that bloomed this late in the year?? Is is just because it is the first couple years it is adjusting to blooming for the first time or what? Thanks!

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No but I have a camellia that bloomed in March instead of its usual November/December flush. The weather in Nov/Dec of that year was unusually cold for our region so I assumed that it decided to postpone the Fall flush until things warmed up.

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