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HELP! how can I get rid of Weeds!!!!

:evil: Hello everyone I am in a bit of a sticky situation. I am currently trying to weed my back garden which has nettles, dandellions and docks in how can I get rid of these?? please help me

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So much depends on what kind of weeds, your ultimate plans for the area, and so on...

We've had several good, recent discussions on attacking weeds (or not). Unfortunately, they're in several sections of the forum, so the best way to find them right this minute would be to use the Search function on the top left-hand corner of the page. (I just did, to make sure it would yield helpful results.) When I tried the words "manage weeds," I didn't get the results I was looking for.

But simply "weeds" brought up most of the recent threads I had in mind.

Hope it works for you, too!

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nettles, dandelion, and docks are all medicinal or at least edible. getting rid of them can be called 'harvesting'... :wink:

too many possiblities to suggest. solarizing can be very effective, but puts your space effectively out-of-reach for some time. otherwise, tools'n'tuggin'.

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