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heart breaking raspberries

Last summer there was a Very bad hail storm that shredded the garden...this year I was waiting to see what bounced back and what had been killed, and it looks like 98% of the raspberry bushes are gone! Only the babies have any leaves, the rest are just sticks, I'm sooo sad! Luckily 1/2 of the strawberries survived, and the iris'....but most of the garden was raspberries :(

I'm still new to gardening, so I'm not sure if I should cut the dead stuff, or what? I'm scared right now because we've had TONS of weird weather and hail, I just hope it doesn't get any worse!

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you should be safe cutting off truly dead material. each cane won't live forever, either, older canes are frequently removed.

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Since each raspberry cane lives for only 2 years, it's possible that the hail storm took out the 1st year canes that would've fruited this year. The sticks are most probably last year's 2nd year canes that would've died anyway. The babies are this year's new shoots. Depending on your raspberry variety, they may or may not flower/fruit this summer/fall, but most certainly will next year. Give them a chance to recover by keeping the area weeded and mulched, give them a layer of compost this fall, and I'm pretty sure you'll get additional new shoots next spring.

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