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How can I get rid of Chipmunks

I have a bunch of Chipmunks that are eating all my annuals. How can I get rid of them or at least make them stay out of my gardens? I heard someone tell me that he uses Coyote urine pellets but I don't know where to get that. Any help would be appreciated.

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I have a live trap that I use to relocate unwanted animals. They are not overly expensive and are useful for trapping domestic strays as well. Outside of that solution, there is the pellet gun, which is harsh, but I can't believe that any kind of spray, pellets, or treatment will be overly effective. Everyone has seen those old cartoons where the chipmunks are chattering and laughing at their mischievous antics. I don't think that presentation is too far from the truth.
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spray them after every rain with a pepper water spray.
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