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Strange nest type thing on the side of my garden box

I have now seen two brownish nest looking things attached to the sides of my garden box and want to know if anyone knows what they might be. Both times I have seen them (both within the past 3 days) I kind of scraped them off with a long stick.

The first one looked kind of like there was just dirt inside and the other one looked kind of goopy in the middle with some light yellow and blackish colors. Both have been next to squash plants.

Based on some other posts I read, I think I have also been getting dog vomit mold as well. Could these be related?


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There are a wide variety of shelf fungi that will grow on wood. Without a picture, I can't say for certain if that's what the "nest type" thing you saw was.

You could use Google Images to see if you can find anything similar to what you saw. :)

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