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garden pests

Operating on the theory that they are a universal insect repellent, I've planted marigolds throughout my vegetable garden. Several of the marigold plants near bush beans, beets, and tomatoes have been reduced to stems in a matter of days, the vegetables themselves bear no signs of being eaten. Is that how the marigolds work, as a sort of bait? And, what's eating them so voraciously?

Per the advice of our County Extension agent, I've been spraying both my flower and vegetable gardens with soapy water in an attempt to eliminate box elder bugs and grasshoppers - he suggested adding hot pepper or garlic oil to make the plants less palatable - I am concerned about rain/watering washing off the soap and having to spray it so often, what will the soap do to surrounding plants and my soil? I just read the thread on Neem oil, would that be a better option for me as it might hold on through rain or watering?

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Mine do the same thing. At first I thought "cutworms" but they don't eat the entire plant. There is something that munches mine, judging from the chewing pattern it is some kind of larvae, but must be nocturnal because I plant 'em one day and the next morning they're gone! Try reposting under another forum, you'll probably get better coverage there!

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