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B is Alocasia 'Poly', actually - A. 'Amazonica' is one of the parents, but the less-deep cutting on the leaves is indicative of Poly.

H is Dieffenbachia seguine, to be more specific. So is J (but a different cultivar).

L might be an Azalea or Rhododendron - you'll be able to confirm this if/when it blooms this fall.

N is Pigeonberry.

O is Justicia brandegeana, sometimes called Shrimp Plant.

P is Xanthosoma violaceum.

V is a Windmill Palm (Trachycarpus fortunei)

Best of luck. The Xanthosoma (P) should be kept in the shade and away from strong winds - the leaves are quite delicate.

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lorax, I think you are right on L being an azalea. Sure does look like one. But I have never seen one so big, wow!!! :shock:

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L is a pittosporum. Ubiquitous here.

M could be an azalea, but I'm thinking it's the native Lyonia. Have you seen it flower? Early spring, looks kinda like white blueberry flowers in clusters.

N's red leaves make me think of Rhaphiolepis indica or another Rhaphi species. Also ubiquitous here. Poisonous, not such an unusual feature of Florida plants but this one has pretty berries.

R is an agave. Don't know which one, but I have it all through my neighborhood.

Y with the soft fuzzy leaves makes me think of Blue Daze. Did this almost frost to the ground for you? Does it have clear blue flowers? Evolvolus glomeratus. Mine is pretty ground hugging right now. Cracker yard: sandy, xeric and mostly native.

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Re: Alphabet of Unkown Plants.....

Hello, if you go to Denver you can use their menu to find all the names of the plants you are looking for. It will show pics of them and thier names gl.....

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