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Identifying shoots when they emerge - web site with photos??

I don't suppose anyone has come across a good source of shoot ID photos??? You know, all those things that you planted and didn't label :oops:, or labelled but used the wrong pen and it washed off :oops: :oops: ... then when the shoots come up you've no idea what they are, or even if they are weeds?

Or is that just me? :shock: (Probably)

Anyway, if you've come across a web site that helps to identify young plants as they emerge - a photographic 'shoot compendium' of sorts - please tell!

(Or maybe the Helpful Gardener could start one? :D )

Thanks :)

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I have pretty good luck ID-ing plants using Google Images.

Here is a link to one site that I have found quite useful for ID-ing seedlings:

Here is a link to an older thread that has a number of links useful when trying to ID plants:

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