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Good place to plant wisteria HELP!

H E L P please

I have here a new wisteria vine (blue MOON) have no idea on this kind of plant so need advice on where to plant and how to maintain it. Read a few forums and found out they have to be pruned quit aggressively. It is only six inches high at the moment and seven brackets. Very tiny . Need all the help I can get. Thanks hope to here from you all soon. :? :? :?

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The most important thing to know about wisteria is that the seed pods are poisonous. Therefore, I would not recommend planting it if you have pets or small children. They are woody climbers, and can become quite large with age.
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It may be tiny now, but it will be huge and heavy. Give it tons of support. They are often grown on massive cement arbors....

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There is a very large thread here:

with lots of info about wisteria; photos, too. It's under Perennials.

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IMO wisteria makes a wonderful container plant. Here are a couple of mine. The oldest have been in pots at least ten years or longer.


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