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Pine Needle Mulch


I have just been given quite a bit of Pine Needles that i would like to use as mulch on my garden bed, which is mixed with veggies and flowers and it a big planting area.

i was concerned about the acidity of using the pine needles and as i have read there is concern about this.

My question is: I have covered the garden bed with a good quality landscaping fabric and I have installed a drip line on top of that. My last years mulch (Pine Bark Nuggets) has somehow dissappeared after putting about 150+ bags last year......

If i were to put these FREE pine needles on top to cover my drip line and landscaping fabric would the acidity transfer into my soil?

I have added wonderful mushroom compost to my soil and am getting outstanding results. Don't want to mess up my mushroom compost....

Any thoughts appreciated.

Thsnks Stara


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