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We are having a problem with slugs coming onto our cement porch and foundation at night. Disgusting! Last night there were about 8 of them but all very small. I would like to know how to keep them away from the house. We do not have a garden and the azaelas next to the foundation do not seem to be bothered by them. I know about killing them with salt, but want to know how to keep them away in the first place. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Slug hater.

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I understand that diatomaceous earth will keep them away, though earth worms are also sensitive to this material. So on the one hand, the product is natural and not toxic in the chemical sense. On the other hand it is indiscriminate, plus would seem to me might be a respiratory hazzard.
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I've read many times that slugs don't cross copper surfaces. I've never felt it worth the money/trouble to surround individual plants with copper, but in this instance, it seems like the perfect solution -- either copper coated edging material or if you want to spring for it, copper sheeting like those used for roof might make a very decorative edging along the porch.

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You might try bribing a couple of birds. Seriously. If your driveway is close to the porch (like mine) fling those slimy sams onto the driveway, they'll either fry or attract sharp-eyed birds. Just don't hang around--go away and sooner or later they'll spot 'em and snap 'em up. I had some house sparrows do that with grubs. I dug up a few the first day, after that, they went hunting themselves. Robins will do the same thing with freshly turned soil. I suspect that one of the sparrows was a fledgling that fell out of the nest, and since I couldn't reach the nest, he stayed in some dense yews and I fed him dog food and ground meat, with a little bird seed. I never tried to hand feed him, but he wasn't shy, either. I suspect he was the first one on the scene and gobbled up so many I didn't think he'd get airborne! (He did.)
Anyway, the prevention tips are valid, but you might want to toss any strays on the drive where they can be spotted.
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Do that all the time in my front yard, Wing. I have a spot by the feeders that doubles as driveway in the backyard.

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