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Bird Table roof - Brushwood

I have built a bird table with a roof of brushwood to give it a "thatched" effect. I have this thought that when it gets to spring the birds are going to decimate it for their nests :?

What is the best way to protect it without spoiling the effect? Is there a netting that is kind of transparent or can I spray it with something?

Any advice greatly appreciated :)

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I can't think of 'covering' anything that is supposed to look 'natural' and not have the covering be visible. Perhaps I'm just not very creative, however.

I would be disinclined to spray it with anything. My guess is the birds would take it anyway, and they're sensitive to so many substances that it might kill any nestlings.

Would it be possible for you to design it in such a way that it would be simple to replace the thatch each year?

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