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poor autumn coloring of Chinese Pistachio

:cry: Hi, I have a Chinese Pistachio tree in my yard which I planted 4 years ago and is 2.5m tall. Every autumn it fails miserably to produce any color at all. It goes from dark green in summer to dark green with a VAGUE hint of burgundy in autumn and then drops its leaves. There are many other Chinese Pistachio trees in the neighborhood that color superbly. Will this problem get better with age or am I stuck with a poor specimen. The tree gets morning shade all summer, then full sun the rest of the day. It is being slightly protected by a larger tree right next to it. The autumn temps regularly get down to 3 degrees celcius overnight.
Any advise/experiences would be helpful, Thanks

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Hi there,

I am new to this forum as I wanted to reply to your post.

I have been looking at planting a Chinese Pistacio on my property in South Eastern Melbourne Australia. I started to do my home work on this lovely autumn tree and noticed your blog.
I have a Land for Wildlife property and it says it is not good for frogs so maybe I will rethink my purchase. Anyway I found this and thought it might help you to get lovely autumn leaves on your Chinese Pistacio....

'Chinese Pistachio. Pistacia chinensis. This attractive, dome-shaped tree is synonymous with deep, red-orange autumn foliage. ... on good growth if given additional water during the summer months. '
Good luck with yor tree. Cheers Gloworm.
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Thanks Gloworm!

Naught to add to that; no real experience with the tree, but glad to see the site working without me :D :!:

Scott Reil

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