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Growing Sunflowers

Does anybody have any hints on how to grow Sunflowers?

Thanks in advance of your help,

Tom Rohlfs

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Full sun or near to full sun.
This is a big feeder, they need lots o' water.
To late to add manure.
Add compost, but not too much. If growing the taller varieties, they get heavy, so they need a solid base, don't make the dirt too loose with tons of compost, they will fall over. You can always stake them if necessary.

A friend puts his within 6 inches up against a 6' wide sidewalk, so when it rains, they get all the water that would have fallen in that 6' wide area, that way he directs more water to his 12-15 tall big head sun flowers. He uses lots of compost and manure in the fall. But, he does not incorporate the compost more than 6 inches. He saves the stems for staking peppers the next year.

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How long will the stems take to rot? I have them in a pile with other things from the previous owner of this home I think they take a long time, because no matter how much grass clippings I've put on them this year or last, they still look hard as a rock.
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Hey thanks 2cents. I'm trying the sunflower growing this year and your tips seem helpful. I'll keep them in mind. I'm excited to see how tall mine can get.

I'll be checking back to see if anyone else has some good tips.

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I'm not sure I have any tips. I am trying to grow the red ones this year. I started them as seeds, have transplanted them to their permanent home & so far they are about 4 inches high. They seem to be doing good but I will agree they are water hogs!!

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