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Peace Lilly has NO leaves...Just Ugly STALKS

I have a peace lilly my husband gave me. He called it a closet that the same thing????
I've had it for 2years or so & usually kept in kitchen or den. It's never done that great and never had blooms. I re-potted it couple of times & several NEW sprouts have come up but none have done very well.
Finally last year it went too long with no water and all the leaves fell off. All that's left is 3 or 4 STALKS but no leaves. One stalk is like 2 feet tall. The stalks are alive becauce I've cut the tips off and they're green inside. How can I make them grow leaves?? A new little sprout came up couple months ago with a little leaf on it so I know the roots must be ok. My question is what do I do with the long stalks??? Do I cut them way back?? Can new leaves come from the "sides" of the stalk, or just from the top?? :?: LOOK AT THE PICTURE...IT'S REALLY SAD :cry:
PS. Ignore the dying red flower...I just stuck it there for a couple days

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I'm not sure thats a peace lily, it looks more like: Aglaonema-
Silver Queen.

I have one at home that has a stalk like that, but mine has leaves. My plant at home has little nodes on it going up the stalk, which actually do send out roots/leaves if allowed to. The tiny plants coming up from the ground are normal, my plant at home has a bunch coming up.

The only reason I think your plant is alive at the moment is because the stem is photosynthetic, meaning it can take in sunlight from its stem, as well as its leaves. Hopefully with time the original stem will send out new leaves.
Don't keep it in full direct sunlight, it has a tendancy to burn, I keep mine in part shade.

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