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First day of Spring?

Happy vernal equinox (in this hemisphere)! It's a balmy 39F with wind blowing out of the NW at about 10-15 mph, making it feel like about 30F. A typical spring day in MI! :roll:

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Viva la Spring!
Started out icky but turned so nice toward the end of the day we all went out for ice cream. :)

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:lol: :lol: :lol: It isn't quite here yet! Not for another 45 minutes! It was a lovely, sunny 60º day today. :)

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Perfect start to spring, 50+% put in potatoes. Then finished staining the deck, so I can plant in the strip next to the deck next week.

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The last couple of days gave a light frost, but temps are up into the sixties and seventies and night time lows are up to the 40's for the next ten days. Very spring like for central S.C. Hope we don't get another hard frost as the blueberries are in bloom and strawberries will likely be in bloom in the next week or so.

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