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ANNOUNCEMENT: NOAA/SKYWARN weather spotter classes

With apologies to our non-USA members. The annual spring (free) weather spotter classes sponsored by NOAA are ongoing. These are not just for those wishing to become volunteer weather spotters or certified SKYWARN volunteers. These classes are useful for any outdoor activity: gardening, motorcycling, boating, fishing, hiking, etc. It's a couple of hours and packs a bunch of info. I've included links to two MI sites:

I don't have a list of every state, but if you type in your state and "NOAA weather spotter classes" or your state and "NOAA Skywarn spotter classes", you should come up with your state's listings. If you're going for SKYWARN certification, you may also need access to emergency communications equipment like a ham radio or CB. BUT, these are not just for volunteers, I have found them useful over the years as a boater, canoer, fisher, hiker, motorcyclist, gardener, etc., etc.

For those in other countries, you may want to check locally or with your national weather service to see if they offer something similar.

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