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Can somebody tell me what these flowers are called please?

Thanks ...


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could be a lantana
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Looks like it to me. Grows wild all over the place here. I've got a couple of HUGE ones in the fence line that the birds were nice enough to plant for me. :roll: I've hacked and cut and pulled, but they come back.. and back and back. ::sigh::
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Lantana is your answer

Its lantana.

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Sienna Dawn - I always find it amusing that, given the wide geographical range of this forum, some people's garden flowers are other people's weed. :lol:
I coddled two lantanas plants, purchased in 4" pots, all last summer as they grew in my flower garden, then lifted them in the fall in 1/2 gallon pots, and have them, hopefully, overwintering in dormant state in the garage. :mrgreen: I'm glad you reminded me, I should check and see if they need a bit of water so they don't dry out. :wink:

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