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What would it be worth to you

What would it be worth to you if your parents, grandparents and great grandparents kept journals? I did some extensive genealogy work on my family and was able to trace many of then back to the early 1700s in this country. Along the way, I found tidbits of information about there daily lives. That was fantastic and got me to thinking what a shame that none of my ancestors kept a journal. It got me off my butt and I started mine. It is not that difficult to start one and there is a lot of help on Wordpress. If you have been posting on this forum, then you can handle a journal easy. Any post in a journal can be made public or kept private if that is a concern. Start one today, your descendants will love you for it.
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My grandfather did geneology towards the end of his life for that side of my family. He did find a journal made by one of our ancestors who was living on a farm (don't know the size or where) and all she wrote was one line per day stating the weather. So there were a lot of entries that just read "sunny".


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