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tidying up my garden

We moved in to a new house fairly recently. The front garden is essentially a driveway with raised beds surrounding it. What with everything that needed doing it became rather neglected and overgrown. Our plan is to take everything out, potting up the plants we want to keep and discarding the rest (weeds etc). Is this just a bad idea and if not when would be the best time of year to do it?

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That appears to me to be a good plan. That way you can do a really thorough job of cleaning up the beds adjacent to the driveway. I would do this any time the plants are in dormant state ie. late autumn to late winter or early spring - providing the ground is frost free and workable. Any large plants such as shrubs may need to be moved to open ground unless you have very large containers. Always assure free drainage in the containers and water in thoroughly


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I would start from scratch. Then you will no everything that has been done in each bed and how your new plants will react.

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