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Hard out day with irrigation

Well, my wife and I moved into a new house a month ago. Garden is fabulous but the irrigation was a mish mash of hoses. I just ddi not know where to start. So today I had a good chance, as it was a beaut day and housework is pretty much up to date. I started today by sorting out some bits of trees that I had cut last weekend. Sorted out the big bits and the bits I could mulch. Got a heap of mulching to be done, but is all good.
Then later I cleared the front garden of ?Bog Sage?. Man that stuff grows like wildfire. It had smothered Irises and other nice plants, so out it went. I left a small amount as it is a nice plant.

This arvo it was the Irrigation. Hoses all round the place, heaps of T Junctions and in line taps. First off was front garden. Managed to find the right hose, turn it on and then the mission of finding all the risers. Half of them were Fallers and not Risers...they had fallen over. Got that sorted out only to find the last 2 risers were blocked. Off they come, give em a blow, and a wriggle with a piece of wire and they are right as rain.
Back yard...1 hose to a big Sprinkler...easy works. Next hose goes around the perimiter and down the drive. 2 taps on it, one was covered in ivy, and was a pain to find. But I found it. Seems that the driveway is all good. Next part was down back fence and around the side. It was not needed, so out it came. I am using that hose now for the centre garden which does not have any irrigation, obviously was set up after the irrigation was. All I need now are a couple of bungs, and a few more risers. And tomorrow it will be job finished...

only one problem. I am sunburnt and have the formings of a headache...a couple of beers will fix that :lol:
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