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Re: 2020 What's the weather like where you are?

It has been strange weather. Last night it was cold, but today it is warm and only a gentle breeze and the sky is cloudless. We seem to get weather in waves as the bands of showers pass by from the north, south, and west. There are storm systems all around the island and the windward side is getting rain, which is not unusual. The rain might come later today. It is 72 degrees now and mild for me.
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Re: 2020 What's the weather like where you are?

Weather this year is strange, extra warm, and a world record year for hurricanes. I was watching a science video 2 days ago they mention earths orbit is elliptical sometimes earth is 3 million miles closer to the sun then we experience unusual warm weather. When earth is 3 million miles farther away from the sun we have colder weather. When north 1/2 of earth has summer the south 1/2 has winter. When north 1/2 of earth has winter the south 1/2 has summer. Average over all temperature of earth is not effected by tilt of earth from summer to winter. When north 1/2 of earth gets snow & ice, snow & ice on bottom 1/2 melts. Frozen water swaps places north south north south every 6 months but the entire earth average temperature stays the same. Earths biggest weather maker is, solar storms on the sun, earths distance from the sun & tilt of the earth.

We had wind gusting to 54 mph today, sunny & 67°.
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Re: 2020 What's the weather like where you are?

Sadly after yesterday the temperature dropped and there's a cool nip out there. Yuck. Current temperature is 64. High was 70. Low this morning was 40.

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