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How to properly water a bonsai

I just bought my husband a juniper bonsai. He thinks that we should water by placing the entire planter in water with the water level over the soil line. I read the instructions as placing the entire pot in water up to the very top of the pot, but not over the soil line. When we did it my way the water was absorbed through the holes in the bottom. It looked like a great way to water. So, we need help! Could someone tell us how to properly water it. We are reading the same set of instructions and still come up with different ways to water.

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Immersing the pot is perfectly acceptable, the water should cover the soil line. But, be sure not to over water your tree. Use a toothpick or a chop stick and stick it into the soil, if the pick or stick come out with soil on them, it's not time to water. If they are clean, time to water.

Another way to water is to use a watering can with a rosette but, the immersion method is by far the best method as far as I am concerned.

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I like both methods actually. I usually water from above (cleans foliage and pulls gases down through the soil profile) but once a week or two (this time of year its weekly) I do it by immersion (I moss the tops of most of my pots so the depth is irrelevant). The only reason to not go past the edge of the pot is to keep lighter soil components from floating...


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