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Bonsai Losing its green leaves


I have got a 100cm Ficus Microcarpa Bonsai since September this year. It is not under direct sunlight but my living room is south facing and gets a lot of bright light during summer days.

Recently I have started to notice a lot of leaves dropping. It is rapidly losing 20-30 leaves every day. Some are brown but a lot of them are green.

On the other hand, it is growing new leaves as well (although it is autumn in London now).

I have reduced watering it now as I thought that over watering might have caused it. Unfortunately I cannot move it to a brighter spot in the living room as it is quite large.

How can I keep my tree in the same spot but keep it healthy and happy?

Please see pictures to give you a good idea.

Many thanks

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Re: Bonsai Losing its green leaves

Tucked back in a corner like that, I can't imagine that it is getting enough light. Maybe it did in the summer, but the sun angle is very different now.

You need to give it supplemental lighting. That would be a lamp with fluorescent bulb shining directly on it, from not too far away, on 16 hrs a day.


You can get floor lamp or wall mounted.
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