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Help! Root rot? Chinese elm bonsai

Hi everyone,

I'm new to caring for bonsais. I received a Chinese Elm bonsai last year. Noticed that some of the leaves turned yellow and brown. Trying to prune it and noticed that one of the roots is discolored. Scratched the surface of it and it doesn't appear to have any green skin underneath...

I've attached a picture. What do you think it is? Is it root rot? How do I go about caring for the tree now?

Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Just want my tree to be okay! Thanks.

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Hi Repfeiffer,

I am not a Bonsai expert - just a general plant person. If the root is mushy it is root rot = too much water. Kiss it good bye and try again. If the root is not mushy then it is not root rot. Keep on keeping on.

Good luck

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