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Bonsai Leaves Repeatedly Died. Now Branches Dying?


I received this bonsai as a present in June last year and since then it has been flourishing, constantly sprouting new leaves, always looking healthy, good route growth, then come last December all the leaves started turning yellow and falling off, believing this to be over watering i cut it down to once a week and quickly it started producing leaves again.

A few weeks after this i returned home to see quite a few of the old leaves had dropped off and new ones were still growing so dint think anything of it, unfortunately i then moved house and had to keep my bonsai in a different room while packing, again all the leaves fell off only to quickly return so no fuss.

Since moving in has been the problem, at the end of the week like 3 times in a row perfectly green leaves started to fall off with no warning only to grow back but slower, after going away for a weekend and making sure the bonsai was well looked after while i was gone i returned to find 2 branches seemingly dead as well as a thicker branch? since then 4 more branches have died with the new leave shoots turning black, it only has 3 leaves left and these are turning wrinkly which they've never gone before!

what is going on?

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Re: Bonsai Leaves Repeatedly Died. Now Branches Dying?

Different location, different lighting, temperature, soil is not drying out at the same rate as before. Multiple stressors does not give the plant a chance to recover so it is simply running out of reserves. It is hard to recover once the main branch starts dying back. You can try cutting back the dead part and try putting the plant outside if it is warm enough.
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