Which pot to use:

The deeper dark blue round pot.
The shallow wider light blue pot
Total votes: 2
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Help with pot choice for jade

Hello All.

It has been quite some time since I have posted. I do not have an unhealthy tree to ask everyone about. Rather, I need everyone's opinion on which pot I should use for my prized mini jade.

Obviously I will cut the roots of my jade and reduce the depth of the root ball when I repot it. Please let me know which pot you'd use for this tree. Two (2) photos of the pots I want to use are below. I will start a poll for your votes :-). Your input is appreciated.


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Re: Help with pot choice for jade

You could actually do either one. I prefer to trim the roots slower so I opt for the slightly deeper pot. If you do choose the tray plant a little off center. Your canopy is longer on one side than the other and if you look at pictures of large bonsais in wide pots, many of them are planted off center, especially if the canopy is wider on one side. It just balances better.

I prune off the sides but not too much off the bottom. I would brush or fork some of the media to expose more of the roots.
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