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Bonsai Insects

I have a Bonsai evergreen juniper that is at least 35 years old it has always been outside, this year the needles on a portion of the tree have
turned brown and look pretty much dead. I did discover that it has scale which I sprayed with and oil spray and it seemed to take of the problem for a short time, but they returned. Checked the soil and found small yellow, what look like eggs. I removed all of the soil down to the roots and removed all the "eggs" and replaced with new fresh soil, watered with a liquid feed and now I'm wondering if I need to treat the soil.
Any suggestions ?

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Scale are very tenacious and whatever course of action you take will have to be repeated in order control successive generations.
Is this tree new to you? I ask because if is the "yellow eggs" might have been slow release fertilizer.



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