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What kind of plant is this? (Ginseng Ficus)

I bought this plant at my local Wal-Mart, they are selling it as a Bonsai plant. Perhaps it isn't a real Bonsai.
I would like to know what kind of tree it is so that I can properly care for it.
Please see attached photos?
Any help on species identification is most appreciated.
Also and care tips, websites specific to this plant would be awesome.


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Hello and welcome to our forums. Your tree is a variety of Ficus retusa/microcarpa commonly known as Ginseng Ficus or Potbellied Ficus. It is well suited to indoor culture but will do better outside if/when the weather permits. It will adapt to low light but again will thrive with higher levels. Here are some sources of more information. The link to "Bonsai Hunk" is particularly helpful for Ficus growers, make sure to explore the entire site.

I would strongly suggest that you remove the glued on pebbles and the moss, they were aids to the shipping process and are no longer required, indeed they can prevent proper evaluation and watering of the medium.



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