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more tree pests: (Fungus Gnats?)

Hello all,

Seems I have another bug problem. I have a bunch of little fruit fly looking critters buzzing around all my trees. No adverse affects yet, all trees are healthy and well (or at least appear to be). I've dug up one of the trees that I thought might be infected with their larva and I only found three or four discernible little grub-like-thingies (all under 1 cm in length). All the trees roots seemed intact (for now). Should I be worried? My guess is all my trees have these guys making their home in my pots....

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Take a look at this thread:


After reading the thread you may wish to use the product described.

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I also have a bunch of these little dark flys flying around most of my indoor plants - I'll post a pic if I can - I think they may be the same thing - I'd like to get rid of them -

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drzaiusx11 & alisios,

The gnats are probably the adult stage of fungus gnats, they thrive in moist, organic soils and can be identified as small larvae. They primarily feed on organic matter that is present in such soils and can damage roots. Allowing the soils to dry somewhat will help keep them in check. Look [url=https://insects.tamu.edu/extension/bulletins/uc/uc-028.html]here[/url] for some information and ideas for control.

I have been plagued with these pests when I have used dry organic fertilizer such as Epsoma brand Plantone. I do like this product and have used it as the base of organic fertilizer cakes in the past. Recently I have abandoned manufacturing the cakes entirely and simply use this product neat. The larvae readily infect the cakes once they become damp. I have found that they are slightly less prone to be a problem if the product is used loose and not in cakes.


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