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Very Sick Tree....

I am on my second tree. The first one I had lost it's leaves in dramatic fashion; all went brown curled up and fell off. It then started to grow back but all the leaves were a lot larger and the tree looked nothing like it's fomer self. I put this down to a hungry cat who liked to chew on it but now, my second tree is going the same way and I don't even own a cat anymore!

I water it by submerging the soil for 5 minutes every two days and feed it once a month in Winter and every two weeks in Summer.

Once again, the leaves started to die off and now it is a mess with much larger leaves growing back. It sits on the north facing kitchen window sill with no draft that I can detect.

I have pictures but I can't work out how to post an image up here.

I would be really grateful if someone could tell me what I am doing wrong?

Thank you.[/img]

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You could be over watering,I would cut the watering down.

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Thanks for the tip George.

It did cross my mind after reading a couple of other posts that suggested people were watering as they would their plants.

Is submersion of the pot too drastic? It was in the leaflet that came with my first tree that it needed to be submerged for the roots to take in the water and the tree to really benefit. Not so sure now though.

Thank you.

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Hello Hoopythang;

I would start watering from the top. Water once to wet the soil then wait 10 minutes and water again until water comes out the drain holes. Fertilize on the second watering. never when the soil is dry. That's about all I can say without knowing the type trees you have. Hope it helps.


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Plants that are grown indoors are often subjected to low light levels, this leads to overly large leaves with long internodes. I suspect that this is part of your problem. What might seem to be adequate levels of light to you may not be sufficient for your tree. A northern window is the worst choice as far as providing good light. Most indoor growers use some type of supplemental lighting.

You have not indicated the species of tree that you are growing. Some trees have no business being inside, other may fare better. Please indicate where you are located, it may have some bearing on your problem. Provide as much information as possible. How long have you owned the tree, what temperatures is it subjected to, is your water very hard or heavily chlorinated, etc.

Watering by immersion, while not immediately detrimental, is not advised as general practice. This can lead to the accumulation of salts that may be in your water or fertilizer. Watering from the top helps to flush out these deposits.

Look [url=https://www.helpfulgardener.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3557]here[/url] for tips on taking, and further down posting, pictures on the forum.


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Hi Gnome,

Sorry for the delay in responding. I'm not sure what kind of tree I have, although I do know it is an indoor variety.
I live on the south coast of England, the water is fairly hard but not overly chlorinated. Temperature is a steady 19/20 C indoors and no draught.

I have stopped immersing the tree and moved it to a Southerly aspect, the immediate result has been quite amazing. A fair amount of new growth appearing.
I don't think I could have got it much more wrong!

Thank you everybody for your help.


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