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New Chinese Elm Owners

Hello, I have recently purchased two of the above, a small one for myself and a more mature one for a friend of mine. We are both experiencing yellowing of the leaves, and they are falling off. When purchasing I was advised to put mine in boiled water (cooled) once a week, upto half way up the trunk, and leave for about ten minutes. My friends larger tree, I was advised to immerge in cooled boiled water once a fortninght. This seems to conflict with the book that I also purchased at the time. Can anyone help please ? Thanks

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To answer your questions directly; watering by immersion is not satisfactory in the long run. This method has the tendency to favor the accumulation of salts and minerals that are in fertilizer or water.

As far as putting watering on a schedule, this is another bad idea. This does not take into consideration whether or not the tree actually needs water or perhaps is already too dry.

Please read the sticky thread on general growing that is located at the top of the forum for tips on watering.



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